Hello, world!

I've thought a while about various Wikipedia-related issues, and I follow Wikipedia-related news, and I've decided that I should blog about them. Here are some basic ground rules:
  • The blog will follow NPOV, where NPOV is "Nihiltres' point of view". :) While it would be nice to follow a Wikipedia-like neutral point of view, I don't feel like working endlessly to appease critics. I generally think Wikipedia is a good thing, but not perfect—criticism will try to be constructive when applicable.
  • I plan to allow and encourage comments, but I reserve the right to delete posts for any reason. Specifically, comments which are unhelpful or derogatory will be targeted.
  • You can ask me to write about something! Contact me on my Wikipedia user talk page, by email (wiki dot nihiltres at gmail dot com), through Twitter (@wiki_nihiltres) through IRC ("Nihiltres" on freenode), or even "wikinihiltres" on AIM, and I'll consider writing about whatever topic you suggest.
  • I plan to try to make this blog accessible to non-Wikipedians, though it'll inevitably describe things that only Wikipedians are really interested in. Keep your WP:WTF (acronyms) out of comments, please!
I'm currently in the process of writing a first ("real") article, so watch this space.

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  1. Welcome! Don't forget to add your blog to open.wikiblogplanet.com and request addition to en.planet.wikimedia.org, if you haven't already.